VI Notes

VI commands (credits: VI Tutorial)
j cursor down one line



:q!	quits without saving
x 	delete
a	appened text at the end of the line
:wq	saves and exits
dw	dumps a word (deletes a word)
d$ 	dumps from the cursur to the end of the line
w	moves the cursor word by word
0	moves the cursor to the start of the line
$	end of line
dd	delets a line
u	undo
ctrl+R	redo
U	line undo, original line
r	replaces current character by ..
	i.e., rn
ce	deletes from the cursor until the end of the word
ctrl+G	your location in file
/ 	searches
	n,N backward/ forward
%	matching paranthesis
v 	visual selection
R 	replaces more than a character
:help	user-manual

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