Siamak Faridani

I graduated in 2012 from Berkeley and I am now an applied researcher and data scientist at Microsoft. I blog about data and cooking. You might also like to see my finance dashboard too.

Dissertation: Models and Algorithms for Crowdsourcing Discovery

Befor Microsoft I was a PhD candidate in the IEOR department. I was a member of the Algorithms, Machines and People Lab (AMPlab), Berkeley Automation Sciences Lab, and Berkeley Center for New Media. My advisor is Professor Ken Goldberg.

For technical skills and industry experiences please see my LinkedIn profile. My public codes can be found on Github .

My research is supported by grants from NSF, Panasonic, Microsoft and Fujitsu labs of America and I am grateful for their support.

I also volunteer at the SEED OF LOVE Care Farm


Selected Publications

Working Papers


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Other Projects

Opinion Space [media coverage on the homepage of the Department of State]

A Stock Trading and Portfolio Analysis , built using Python, .NET and GNU plot url: [Download]

Birds Dataset: With over 38,849 bird photos this collection can serve as a training set for visual bird detection and image processing research. Computer vision researchers can download raw images in the .bz2 format. This dataset is freely available for research use. [Dataset]

Turk.JS: a javascript library to work with Amazon Mechanical Turk API url: [Demo, Documentation ]

Multitouch Input Device (using infrared and a home brew setup) [Demo]

Kiva Viz: An interactive tool for smart micro lending (uses javascript and Python) [Demo]

Target Tracking/Image Processing [Demo Videos]

I have written a number of useful codes for nonlinear unconstrained optimization [Codes]

Word Cloud Project [Project Home Page]

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